• All our electricity is 100% renewable. Our supplier is Energia, who lead the way in providing sustainable green energy.
  • Energy data is collected every month & reported annually to Origin Green.
  • Several initiatives have been implemented to reduce energy consumption on site, including: replacement of lighting with LED, reconstruction and overhaul of ovens and upgrading of boilers.


  • We measure all waste streams, separate the streams, and strive to achieve target of Zero.
  • We report waste daily and set clear targets and improvement actions to achieve them.
  • Any waste produced is put into recycling streams and the food waste goes back into the agri-food sector.
  • We report quantities of gross waste, waste recycled & waste to landfill to Origin Green on an annual basis.


  • We put every effort into minimizing the amount of packaging we use, and continue to focus on this area as we innovate.
  • We work with two of the best packaging suppliers, who have global expertise in driving sustainability and packaging improvements, which is an important part of our agenda.
  • We have implemented a series of packaging improvements such as reduction of micron thickness and engineering packaging out of our products where possible.
  • Our packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • All cardboard is FSC certified and we are a member of Repak.
  • In all future product innovation, minimising the amount of packaging usage is a key business requirement.


  • We have recently commenced production at two new manufacturing locations closer to our markets to reduce transportation costs, food miles and overall carbon footprint.
  • We have also moved from a dedicated to a shared van operation, partnering with regional agents to transport our products from bakery to shelf in a more sustainable and affordable way.


  • We provide ongoing support through sponsorship (funds or product) and volunteering at local community events (e.g. GAA, Town fairs). We believe in supporting people and communities to reach their full potential.
  • We are also a member of and lead sponsor during Coeliac Awareness week with the Irish and Canadian Coeliac Associations.
  • We have a multi-year local partnership with BUSINESS IN THE COMMUNITY, a program where we mentor school students. Recent example included a site visit to learn about a day in the bakery & understand the career opportunities. Our ESG champion volunteers in the school and supports the students with activities as part of their ‘Developing team work’ initiative.